3 Steps to Increase Quota Attainment Across Your Team Using Conversation Intelligence Technology​

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The #1 reason sales leaders miss their numbers today is due to the wide quota attainment gap between their top reps and the rest of the team.

But driving higher quota attainment across your full team is an age-old challenge that most sales leaders have not been able to tackle.

In this free webinar, we’re going to show you how to drive higher quota attainment – once and for all – using a groundbreaking new tool called conversation intelligence technology.

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In this free on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • Three steps to using conversation intelligence technology to drive higher quota attainment across your sales team​
  • Why conversation intelligence technology is the system of record for driving higher quota attainment across sales team​
  • How to “clone” successful sales behavior, fix weak behavior, and ramp new hires faster ​
  • Why common approaches to driving quota attainment (such as training and coaching) fall flat, and the key ingredient that makes them work​
  • A look under the hood: how conversation intelligence software actually works​
  • How to know if conversation intelligence is right for you and your sales organization​
  • Case studies of sales teams using conversation intelligence to improve quota attainment, close rates, and onboarding ramp time​

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