5 Counterintuitive Sales Mistakes Preventing You From Closing Revenue



James Springhetti
Regional Vice President, Sales at Seismic


Jon Dyer
Director, Sales Development

Devin Reed Headshot

Devin Reed
Manager, Content Strategy

Is your sales approach based on perception or reality?

We analyzed over 10M sales calls and uncovered a massive gap between what sales professionals believe they’re doing and what they’re actually doing when it comes to their sales approach.

The result? FIVE sales “best practices” that are actually deal killers. Watch now to learn what they are and how to prevent them from demolishing your pipeline.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn

Best Practice or Fatal?

Hear 5 sales “best practices” that are actually wreaking havoc on your success rates. 

What’s the Big Deal?

Learn WHY these misconceptions are detrimental to your success, according to data. 

5 Techniques you can steal

Pick up data-backed tips that will transform your sales approach and place you at the top 1% of sales pros

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