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Are you ready to sell-ebrate….again?

Let’s keep the party going. Experience #celebrate20 all over again or for the first time.

Revenue Intelligence Goes Unremote [Keynote]

Amit Bendov, CEO, Gong

Amit shares a year in review, Gong’s response to 2020 and beyond, as well as product announcements that will power the next era of sales.

Never Split the Difference [Keynote]

Chris Voss, Best Selling Author

Chris is a dynamic speaker who debunks the biggest myths of negotiation. Check out his special guest keynote at #Celebrate20 that focuses on everything from negotiation secrets to ensuring a follow through with his captivating stories, insights, and useful tips for business and everyday life.

The 3 C’s of Choosing [Keynote]

Sheena Iyengar, Best Selling Author

Sheena Iyengar is a world renowned expert on the subject of choice. Join her as she explores the factors of good and bad decision making, the 3 C’s of choosing and the psychology behind why buyers make decisions.

The Birth of the Digital Seller:
Next Generation Field Sales

Carl Eschenbach, Partner, Sequoia
Udi Ledergor, CMO, Gong

Sales organizations can are surviving and thriving in the new digital world. But how? Get all the secrets on how to navigate the future of field sales in this remote world.

CRO to CRO [Panel]

Todd Barnett, CRO, Drift
Jane Kim, CRO, CircleCI
Ryan Longfield, CRO, Gong

Join industry-leading CRO’s from Drift, CircleCI and Gong as they discuss revenue success secrets. How do you drive revenue growth while aligning the sales, marketing, and customer success functions?

CFO [Panel]

Melissa Fisher, CFO, Outreach
Wailun Chan, CFO, Plastiq
Tim Riitters, CFO, Gong
Nina Achadjian, Partner, Index

Join market-leading CFO’s from Plastiq, Outreach and Gong as they discuss how to secure budget in the new era of sales.

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