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Catch all the sights and sounds from the best sessions at #celebrate Unstoppable.

Leading With Radical Candor in Times of Uncertainty

Kim Scott, Best Selling Author & Co-Founder, Radical Candor

Becoming an Unstoppable Sales Leader

Udi Ledergor, CMO, Gong
Shefa Weinstein, Product & Strategy, Gong
Adrianna Romero, GTM Enablement Manager, Clearbanc

Time Is Money. 3 Buyer Insights That’ll Help You Close More Revenue

Devin Reed, Manager, Content Strategy, Gong

Sales is Changing Forever

Anna Baird, CRO, Outreach
Ryan Longfield, CRO, Gong

Uncertain Market Conditions: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Sam Jacobs, Founder, Revenue Collective
Michelle Benfer, VP of Sales, HubSpot
Ryan Barretto, SVP of Sales, Sprout Social
Dannie Herzberg, Senior Director of Sales, Slack

Fireside Chat with Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global | Founder, The Huffington Post
Devin Reed, Manager, Content Strategy, Gong

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