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Goodbye Opinions. Hello, Reality.

Amit Bendov, CEO,

Deal Execution: How to Maintain Momentum During Uncertainty

Justin Welsh, Founder, The Official Justin Welsh
Anna Phalen, VP Sales and Account Management, Jellyvision
Stephanie Jenkins, VP of Sales, SMB, Glassdoor
Ralph Barsi, VP, Global Inside Sales,

3 Techniques to Transform Your Deal Execution

Devin Reed, Manager, Content Strategy, Gong

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How customers use Gong to solve critical business problems

Whitney Sieck, Director of Enablement, Greenhouse

Strategies For Leading Remote Sales Teams (By Choice Or By Necessity)

Bob Spina, VP Sales, Strategic Accounts, Gong
Catherine Stewart, Chief Business Officer, Automattic

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How Gong Uses Gong: A New Way to Run Pipeline Review

Sumeru Chatterjee, Head of Customer Education, Gong
Sunny Huang, Strategic Customer Success Manager, Gong

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