Ready to skyrocket your sales career to the next level? and #GirlsClub would love to help you make it a reality! 

As advocates of diversity and belonging in the workplace, we are sponsoring women sales stars with a goal to take their role to the next level with the exclusive #GirlsClub training program! It’s easy to apply. Fill out the form to the right to get started!

Scholarship application closes on November 15. 

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#GirlsClub is committed to changing the face of sales by empowering more women to earn roles in leadership – helping reverse the zero-growth trend of women leaders in sales – by providing a cross-company community and a six-month exclusive training program.

At, we truly believes that a multitude of voices drives innovation and creativity. We walk the walk when it comes to inclusion and diversity whether it’s promoting Women in Sales or sponsoring LGBT+ projects. That ‘s why we are sponsoring women sellers for seats in the #GirlsClub’s exclusive sales training program! 

Think you have the mindset of what it takes to be a leader? We hope you’ll join us in changing the face of sales worldwide.

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The exclusive training program boasts an over 60% promotion rate for aspiring managers.


The #GirlsClub’s 6-month virtual training is designed to simultaneously lift front-line women into management and mid-level mentors into higher-level leadership. It focuses on front-line sales management skills and confidence-building activities including live sessions with peers and mentors, chapter meet-ups, and a one-day conference. Each management topic is taught using a combination of interactive e-Learning, videos, 3rd party links, assignments, reading, testing, sharing, and job aides. 

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Application Deadline: November 15!

About #GirlsClub

Lauren Bailey, Founder and President of sales training company Factor 8, has spent 2 decades in digital sales leadership and has seen first hand how men out-number women across nearly every industry. Inspired by conversations with her peers at the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals and Women Sales Pros, she made a small gesture toward change:

Factor8 would donate 1 free seat to their award-winning online sales management training program for an aspiring woman sales manager at companies attending the AA-ISP Conference.

#GirlsClub quickly went viral. With a single announcement and LinkedIn post, hundreds of men and women from beyond the conference (and beyond the US!) started identifying female talent and encouraging them to participate. This 2 min video overview best shows you what the GirlsClub is all about.


Whether it’s promoting Women in Sales or sponsoring LGBT+ projects, we walk the walk when it comes to inclusion and diversity. It’s not just about creating a level playing field — we truly believe that a multitude of voices drives innovation and creativity. Our (S)Hero workshop series is just one of the many ways we walk our walk. Sounds like a place that resonates with you? Learn about the Operating Principles that guides our day-to-day and on what to look for in new Gongsters we hire. Watch the short 8 Reasons Why People Hate Working For Gong video while you’re there.