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Uplevel your reps’ sales skills. Gong Labs brings you the stats, insights, and data from analyzing the world’s largest pool of sales conversations with AI, to help inform and guide your reps.

Watch: How to Master Rapport Building in the Era of Digital Sales

Listen to Devin Reed, the Head of Content Strategy at Gong, present findings from Gong Labs. Learn what values buyers care about most and improve rep rapport building in this remote-first world.

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Top reps use Gong to close deals faster and improve their skills every day. Want to join these revenue pros and up your game? Check out our tips and videos that highlight best practices that can help you throughout your revenue intelligence journey.

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Top managers use Gong to keep a finger on the pulse of key opportunities and gain complete visibility into customer conversations. Want to join these top managers and up your game? Watch our guide of tips and videos that highlight best practices.

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Looking to up level your team by being an excellent admin? Check out our guide of tips and videos in Gong Academy where we’ll walk you through the key pieces of tailoring your team’s Gong instance to align with key business initiatives and priorities.


The Gong Academy has a library full of new playbooks. From live training sessions to self-paced courses and videos, we have everything you need to make the most our of your Gong experience. Whether you’re a Gong newb or a Gong pro, you’ll find value in this collection.

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