Hype Videos

give your kickoff a boost of energy

If you want to highlight the value of watching game film...

Need short, high-energy videos to reiterate the importance of improving sales skills using Gong? Play one (or both) of these videos during your kickoff to remind your sales team that it’s all about self-improvement, and that even the world’s best athletes review their own footage.

Listen to UFC Fighter Randy Couture and AFL Legend Russell Robertson | 2:47 min

This video features the six-time UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) winner Randy Couture and the AFL (Australian Football League) legend Russell Robertson, as they share their thoughts on the importance of reviewing video to become a better performer.

Listen to NCAA Gymnastics Champion Michael Reid | 1:31 min

This video — featuring gymnast Michael Reid, a Jamaican Men’s National Team member and a NCAA Champion — shows some wicked gymnastics and offers a few wise words on rewatching video to make iterative improvements.

If you want to show how other companies love using Gong...

Some reps and managers can be cynical about the value of a tool like Gong. Share either of these videos to provide additional social proof of why a revenue intelligence platform can be a powerful and well-loved software for your business.

3 Sales Reps from 3 Companies Share Why They Love Gong | 1:36 min

Even if you have experienced reps in your sales team, they can still find value in Gong. Help them get over their fear of “Big Brother” by letting them hear other account executives gush about it.

Gong Customer Highlight Sizzle Reel | 1:07 min

“Gong is probably the one tool that you will never be able to pry from the cold dead hands of our reps and our coaches.” That’s a pretty powerful testimonial.