MUST-HAVE CHecklists and kits

Get teams thinking thinking systematically about gong

If you want your team to adjust better to our new reality...

This is your team’s must-have guide for navigating the uncertain waters that started in 2020 and continue to impact us in 2021.

The New Reality Survival Kit

Challenging market environment. Tough deal negotiations. Teams going 100% remote. We’re all dealing with a new business reality. Here’s a set of actionable resources for navigating the change with Gong.

The Remote Sales Bundle

We’re going to be remote for a little while longer. Arm your teams with ll the resources and cheat sheets you need to get through this together. This bundle includes a call coaching checklist, a discovery call guide, and a competitive selling cheat sheet.

The Inside Sales Skills Bundle

Get the low-down on how first-rate inside sales professionals set themselves up for success, nail their demos, and drive deal-closing calls. This bundle includes a video call best practices guide, a product demo cheat sheet, and the multi-threading playbook.

If you want various teams maximizing how they're using Gong...

Encourage different groups across the organization to access and download these checklists. Ask them to discuss as smaller teams how they can be using the product better. These guides are a handy way to gauge what they’re doing well and what their usage gaps are.

The Ultimate Checklist for PM and PMM Teams

Are your peers looping you into customer and prospect calls relevant to your work? (E.g. #productfeedback) Are you using snippets to build a case to justify your product strategies? Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers will love learning how they can become closer to the customer with Gong.

The Ultimate Checklist for Sales Enablement

Have you asked your frontline managers to help curate Libraries? Are you using Gong to allow new hires to easily refer back to onboarding sessions? This checklist specifically for Sales Enablement will make sure your own enablement team is aligned.

The Ultimate Checklist for Sales Engineers

Have you set up alerts on “sales engineer” or “sales engineering” in early stage deals to see what may be coming down the pipe for you? Are you recording calls so that handoffs to other teams are more seamless? Give this handy checklist to your Sales Engineering Teams to ensure they’re making the most out of Gong.