Welcome to Gong:

Launch Kit

Here are some tools and resources to help you successfully launch Gong within your organization

Getting Started with Gong

What you need to know to get your reps set up and ready to use Gong

Share this step by step guide with your users 

How Gong works

Use this template to answer some of the basic questions they may have once they are connected

Use this template to help announce the launch of Gong to help drive excitement and adoption


We asked more than 10,000 sales and CS reps how they gain an “unfair advantage”. We then filtered the best tricks and put them in 8 short videos so you can get the most out of Gong. Make their secrets your secrets 👇🏾



How do top revenue leaders run winning teams? Find out in our Gong for Manager series. Coach your reps on the go, ramp your new reps 3x faster and create a culture of collaboration. This short playlist has all the secrets of winning with Gong.


Gong Best Practices

Proven ways to provide the best results

Access our best practices to get you started

Provide your team weekly tips and tricks to provide ideas and keep them engaged with Gong

Additional best practices 

Ready to Kickoff Gong to Your Teams?

Here are additional resources you could include in part of your rollout process

Co-brand your launch messaging using the Gong logo

Gamify learnings

Reinforce your Gong training with ongoing lunch and learns

Additional Support