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Learn how to get started on key initiatives in under 2 minutes

II. Run Your Key Initiatives on Gong


1. Review Your Team's Calls


Help coach and provide feedback on the most important conversations your team is having – CUSTOMER CALLS!

2. Find Coaching Opportunities On Your Team


Coaching your team is the #1 way you can support your reps.

We recommend getting into a good listening cadence. We have found across LinkedIn that managers listening to calls results in higher win rates and higher ACV

Don’t know where to start? Check out our short 2 min video 👉🏾


3. Find What Top Reps Are Talking About


Pinpoint the winning and losing talk tracks on your team and help replicate the best ones

III. Here's Everything You Need To Do:

A quick recap of your most important tasks

1. Ensure Reps Record Their Calls

Note – assistant@gong.io needs to be added at least 30 min before the start of the meeting

If you are using a Zoom password, append the password at the end of the Zoom URL (See screenshot below)

This is so Gong knows what virtual meeting to join

This way, you don’t have to remember to add it each time!

You have complete control over your Gong recording.

At any point, you can stop the recording simply by removing Gong from the meeting (just like you would any other partcipant)

(Note: You cannot currently pause the recording)

Add Gong to your Bluejeans calls

Add Gong to your Zoom calls

Add Gong to your Teams calls

2. Help Drive Call Recording Adoption

There are several fun ways to drive adoption of Gong. Here is what we suggest

  • Send them an email with login instructions. Here is a template
  • Send them reminders to add assistant@gong.io to their meetings
  • Share call snippets from great calls to incentivize getting their calls recorded
  • Run contests or SPIFs for the best calls submitted to the readiness team

Managers get very creative when it comes driving adoption. Contests, virtual posters, SPIFs, weekly Gong Call of the Week – all ideas are encouraged!

3. Learn the FAQs

Office 365, Zoom, BlueJeans, Salesforce, Salesloft, Dynamics, and now Microsoft Teams!

FAQ: go/GongWiki  for further FAQs

LinkedIn Internal: Your internal champion is Jyothi Krishnamurthi (Email: jykrishnamurthi@linkedin.com)

Tech Support: For technical support:

Web: help.gong.io

Emai: help@gong.io

For strategic discussions, you can reach out to your Gong CSM Jackie Shockley (email: jackie.shockley@gong.io)


IV. Learn More

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