Revenue masterclass '19

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Lightning Round


Learn how the best revenue teams are using Gong to win an “unfair share” of their market

The Masterclass Book


We wrote an entire book on achieving revenue success. Dive in and learn about the ‘3 Pillars’ and solve real business challenges

"3 Pillars" of Revenue Success


Watch Gong’s CRO reveal the 3 pillars that separates the top companies from the rest

How the Sales Landscape is Changing


We asked top revenue leaders what trends they are seeing change 

Watch our Head of Customer Enablement recap 3 obvious and 3 not so obvious trends in Sales today 👉🏾

Cut Your P.O.C. Time by 30%


Watch how this top Enterprise Account Executive cut his pilot time by 30% using Gong

Automate Key Workflows


Learn how David Hershenson, Chief of Staff at uses automation and key integrations to automate a lot of workflows that sucks away time from sales reps

Keep Deals Moving Forward


Learn how Brandon Styles from Hired arms his reps with a trick he calls “Lawyer Up” to keep deals moving and hold prospects accountable

Drive Internal Alignment


Learn how Rachel from InsideView got up to speed on everything Gong along with a new role. Learn secrets to rally troops to get everyone on the same page

How Gong Uses Gong

Learn how Gong uses their own product – for both serious and FUN use cases! 

A roaring presentation by Ryan DeForest, Head of User Success and Implementation @

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