Remote Sales Management is Easier Than Ever

Whether you’re learning a new motion or building an existing muscle, Gong helps world-class sales teams go remote-first. Unlock full visibility into your pipeline, win deals as a team, and lead reps to success with Revenue Intelligence.


Suspense-free pipeline reviews

Real-time pipeline visibility, wherever you are. With Revenue Intelligence, you’ll spot at-risk deals sitting in your pipeline before they slip. Use data from calls, emails, and meetings to prioritize deals, define best next steps, and drive your team to quota and beyond.

Designed for deal collaboration

Give teammates complete visibility into your deal whether they’re in a different room, or in a different time zone. Context, proposal, next steps: everything is automatically logged so your team can step into any meeting with confidence.

Personalized coaching for every rep

Turn your team into superstars with custom coaching tracks. Gong gives you unparalleled visibility into your team’s performance. Identify coachable behavior at a glance, strengthen talk tracks and methodology, and lead your team to success.

Crowd-sourced onboarding track

Prepare your new reps for real-world success by training them with real-world conversations. Gong makes best-practices catch on and reduces ramp time in your team by showing new reps what success looks like. 


Your team’s activity in one place

Keep your team on the same page with real-time view of meetings on each rep’s calendar. Gong captures data from email, calendar, and your CRM to give you the full picture of your team’s daily activity.


"As a remote employee, you miss out on hearing colleagues have conversations with customers and prospects. With Gong, I can do a quick search and instantly listen to the best and most seasoned reps in the company."
Buck Flather
Channel Account Manager, Sprout Social
“Using Gong, we can share examples of team members doing great work. With things changing so frequently it's an indispensable way of getting the word out to a remote team about how to best demo to prospects."
Ramon Elzinga
Global VP of Sales, Culture Amp