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Knowledge is power

If you want to show the variety of things you can do with Gong...

There’s no other way to put it: Gong does a lot. So what benefits do you want to highlight to your team during your kickoff? Showcase these short videos to reveal possible “wow” moments or insights they’ll enjoy if they begin using Gong regularly.

What Good Looks Like | 0:33 sec

They said WHAT?! We feel you. Sales training is hard. With Gong, you can find best-in-class examples from real customer conversations. Share how Gong helps create sales training playlists to get your team up to speed on best practices that are proven to work.

The Cheat Code for Sales Managers | 0:25 sec

No one likes losing winnable deals. Especially not your sales team. Share this video to show your colleagues how to use Gong to find out which competitors are REALLY coming up. Where they’re coming up And what YOU can do about it. 

AES’ Favorite Sales Hack | 0:29 sec

This video emphasizes how Gong helps reps beat their personal best (and then beat that) by detecting areas of improvement based on their actual calls. Talk time. Patience. Interactivity. Gong is their one-way ticket to the top of the leaderboard. 

If you want your team to know how Gongsters use Gong...

Do we drink our own champagne? Eat our own dogfood? Yes, and yes! Gongsters do use Gong, and how we use it is a question we often get asked by prospects and customers alike. We’re not one to keep secrets, so we’re sharing the ways we use Gong in our own roles. While these videos are too long to show during the live portion of your actual kickoff, these are good videos for your colleagues to watch if they’re given learning opportunities during their own time during kickoff week. Encourage them to learn “How Gong Uses Gong.”


Listen to how Jared Nielsen, Account Executive, uses Gong to manage prospect follow-up, track progress on deals, collaborate with team mates, and more.


Learn Carolyn Dorricott’s secrets on how she uses Gong as a Senior SDR to learn talk tracks, overcome prospect objections, receive feedback, and leverage past conversations.


Learn how Red Reddy, Senior Mid-Market CSM at Gong, uses it for note-taking, escalating quickly, and personal growth.


Discover how Devon Kirschmann, Manager of our Mid-Market CS team, uses Gong to validate and flag customer health, get up to speed on account escalations, anticipate new customer volume, track initiative adoption, and coach her team.


Listen to how Hannah Finn, Implementation Manager at Gong, uses it to review SE validations, manage internal handoffs, forecast, and more.


Find out how Elvis Lieban, Product Marketing Manager at Gong, uses it to capture customer conversations, understand what’s being said, and get insights to help the team win more deals.