6 ways to make your kickoff incredible

SKOs are foundational in helping your GTM team reach their full potential. They’re a superb way to boost morale; build a sense of community, networking, and culture; celebrate big wins; and recognize individuals. 

They get everyone on board and fired up with new goals, products, and services. 

If Gong is going to be (or already is) a fundamental part of your strategy, we want to help fuel your revenue organization by providing you with some handy ideas, videos, activities, and courses to make your kickoff the best it can be! 

Consider this your ultimate kickoff kit, compliments of Gong.

1. play some Hype videos

Give your kickoff a boost of energy by including one (or several) of our hype videos. We’ve got three types of clips that’ll get your team pumped up, laughing, or contemplative.  Choose what will suit your context the best.

2. Empower Your Entire Go-To-Market Organization With Personalized Videos

Set your organization up for success by making them aware of what Gong is capable of. We’ve got two types of videos to help enable not only your sales team, but different areas of the organization as well.

3. send them on a Scavenger hunt

Want to get your team familiarized with some basic Gong features and functionalities? Give them time to do the Great Gong Scavenger Hunt during your kickoff. Download an editable version here.

4. get teams using important checklists

Need broader team guidance? We’ve created handy checklists, best-practices bundles, and step-by-step guides for specific purposes and contexts. We also have guides for non-sales teams using Gong, including Product Marketing, Solutions Engineering, and more.

5. guide them towards CONTINUOUS LEARNING

A kickoff is important for motivating your reps, managers, and leaders, sharing your strategy for the year, and celebrating the previous year’s wins. However, it’s also the perfect opportunity to direct your team to the resources they can use for continuous learning.

6. Help You Team Find the Truth in Their Pipeline

This year, you’re looking to maximize your team’s efforts and cut out the busy work. So why not help them learn how to spot deal risk in their pipeline. Gong’s Deal Execution brings together every interaction across your deals in a single view so you can quickly understand pipeline health and stop sales from going south.


Share weird or exceptional stats

In any organization, there are outliers. Find the person who comments the most, or listens to the most calls, or has cursed the most, and give them a shoutout for their unique behavior. Perhaps a trophy is deserved?

Hit the Virtual Gong

Rally the team and celebrate wins at your kickoff with your very own virtual gong.

Show a blooper reel

Most days, calls are just calls. Other times, however, calls may have had exploding massage balls or unicorn sightings. (Yes, we’ve had both.) Create a collection of funny or entertaining calls recorded on Gong, and share it with the rest of the team!

Questions? Feel free to email customer.marketing@gong.io for any clarification, or if you have additional fun activities you’d like to suggest!